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Custom Editing for Professional Photographers

Photographers across the globe probably got into photography because they love expressing themselves and telling stories. It's one of the many reasons I picked up photography myself! 

What if I told you, for an affordable fee I can give you the most valuable thing on earth. Time. What they didn't warn us photographers about is the amount of time we would be spending behind a computer screen. They also didn't tell us the amount of photoshop skills one might need to make a great photo, even greater! The idea to open up these services came from coming to the aid for other professional photographers.

After helping several photographers with Advanced Retouching. And after hearing that I gave the gift of time back to parents who got to spend more time with their family, stress-free from hours behind the screen. I have decided to open my services up to the public! See below to evaluate the kind of work you need and send me a message! Editing slots are limited.

Culling & Custom Color Correction

Using Adobe Bridge and Lightroom, I will take the plunge into your images, get rid of unwanted. Color-correct the rest! RAW & JPG files.

Culling fee + $.19/img

Custom Color Correction

Using Adobe Lightroom, I will Crop and Color-Correct your images to match your shared style! RAW & JPG files.


Basic/Advanced Retouching

Using Adobe Lightroom, I will remove blemishes, fly away hairs, whiten teeth, extend a solid backgrounds, remove hotspots and more!

$2.50, $5.00/img

Custom Retouching

Using Photoshop, the possibilities are endless!

Head swaps, background replacement/smooth, object removal, add person, wardrobe malfunctions and more! 

Quote-Based - Typically $10/img or $40 per hour

You Create. Share. Order. Relax. Enjoy!

See below for a few before and afters!


" I can't thank Elisa enough for helping me with my recent Wedding Portraits. Getting a shot without the A/C unit in the background was impossible. My heart sunk when the Bride messaged me about how distracting it was. I wanted to cry!  Elisa not only edited out the A/C Unit.. she fixed the flower bed and siding on the building! She was an answer to my prayers!! "

— Kaitlyn D

" My boss had a whole set up for a clothing shoot. I warned her the sheet in the background was wrinkled. In post, the background was a lot worst then what we thought! With no time to schedule another photoshoot and hire back the models. Elisa smoothed out 97 backgrounds for us in less than 3 days!! It looks like we photographed with a paper background! She is a LIFESAVER!! "

— C.B.

" Um, OKAY, you are a Miracle Worker Elisa!! "

— Olivia H

"Even a Cull and Color Correction gave me so much more time with my family! She has an eye for photos and really did cull the very best. The color matched my style perfectly! Elisa will take care of you with a quick turn around! "

— Anonymous