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Elisa's Inspiration

This is probably where I am supposed to say I've gone to school for photography and achieved some fancy degree or maybe that I was born with a camera in my hand but that's just not where my calling came from.    

My inspiration came from an old photos of memories that were not my own. These images  pinpointed my fascination with photography. In my teen years, my grandmother handed me a box full of pictures and said, “Here you go. You will want to keep these.” I opened the box to find 35mm images of my Mother and Father looking up at me. My Father wore a Baby Blue Suit. My Mother wore a breathtaking, pristine white wedding dress with perfectly placed lace with a touch of pearl beading. Their hands overlapped presenting their gold wedding bands. It occurred to me that somewhere in the past, before the life that became my reality. I was made from love. It was my parent's wedding photos along with other candids throughout the years.   

I flipped through picture after picture of laughter and joy. Shy smiles and candid glances. At that moment, those photos became the most valuable thing in my possession. I treasure this glimpse of what once was. My intention is to create images that time stands still for so you may also hold the value of memories higher than possessions.


Behind the Camera

• I am a people-centered photographer with a love for natural light and dreamy bokeh scenery 

• I grew up in Southern California 

• I met the love of my life on a video game, I was the damsel in distress 

• I was swept off my feet and we moved to the little town of Corydon, Indiana 

• I am a full-time graphic designer, cat-mom, wife, and photography lover 

• Turning my hobby into a business has been wonderfully rewarding!

• When I am not working, I'm probably taking a nap or spending time with my husband

• I have been told I have an "eye" for photography time and time again 

• My style is customized to the natural beauty and scenery of Southern Indiana and what makes skin look its glowing best!

5 to Thrive


A glimpse of what's essential to me!

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